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All new and refurbished buildings need to comply with Part L of the Building Control Regulations for England and Wales.


This applies to both homes and commercial buildings


Complying with Part L involves complying with the 5 Criteria specified in the approved document:-


Criterion 1 – Achieving the Building Emissions Rate (BER) such that the BER ≤ TER (Target Emissions Rate) both of which expressed as kgCO2/m2/year.


Criterion 2 – Limits on Design Flexibility – building fabric U-Values must not be worse than the minimum values stated in the Approved Document ADL2A.


The installed fixed Building Services must be at least to the minimum standards laid down in the Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance guide.


Criterion 3 – Limiting the Effects of Solar Gains in Summer – all spaces in the building should have adequate and appropriate passive control measures to limit solar gains.


Criterion 4 – Building Performance consistent with BER – The actual performance of the building “As Built” should be consistent with the BER calculated at the “As Built” stage.


Criterion 5 – Provisions for energy-efficient operation of the building – Sufficient building specific information must be provided to the building owner/operator to ensure that the building can be operated in an energy-efficient manner.


Criteria 1 involves reducing CO2 emissions over previous build standards. This will involve using highly efficient equipment and possibly on-site renewable energy sources such as solar thermal heating, heat pumps and photo-voltaics (PV).


In order to hit the target it is prudent to get a professional Building Services Design Consultancy involved with the project from inception. It is often very difficult and costly to adapt designs to meet the regulations after the initial conception stage.


EDP Environmental can help you comply with the Building Regulations by producing both an “As Designed” Part L Report and an “As Built” Part L Report. This process includes carrying out an SBEM



Building Regulations – Part L Compliance

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