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Nowadays sustainable design is the basic philosophy behind many of the projects we are involved with.  As well as making the building as energy efficient as possible, there are considerable opportunities to incorporate low or zero carbon technologies into our designs.


  • Code for Sustainable Homes


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This booklet has been produced to provide an overview of current Low & Zero Carbon (LZC) Technologies.  It is intended to be used as a guide. It is not a substitute for detailed professional advice which should be sought from the outset of a project.


While EDP Environmental have made every effort to ensure that the information and guidance given in this booklet is correct, all parties must rely upon their own skill and judgement when making use of it. EDP Environmental does not assume any liability to anyone for any loss or damage caused by any error or omissions from this booklet whether this error or omission is the result of any negligence or any other cause.  Any and all such liability is disclaimed.

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