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Thermal Modelling

It is very important to be able to predict the thermal response of a building. Large buildings and buildings with a lot of glazing are particularly difficult to predict without the aid of a Thermal Model.


The heating, ventilating and cooling (HVAC) system of a building, controls the internal temperature and air quality inside the building. The HVAC system needs to deal effectively with changes in outside temperature.


The HVAC system needs to be able to control the actual internal temperature in all parts of the building within the design specifications.


A Thermal Model has the capability to predict internal temperatures in all parts of the building hour by hour throughout the year. It is able to assess if the design of the building including the glazing and shading and the HVAC system are compatible with maintaining comfortable internal temperatures in all areas at all times.


The Thermal Model is a bespoke model for a particular building with a specific location and orientation. Once the Thermal Model has been constructed it can be used to iterate variations on the building’s design specifications. Changes can be made to U-Values and to Building Services specifications to assess the effect those changes may have on controlling internal temperatures.


The Thermal Model is a useful aid to:-


a)Ensure that unnecessary additional cost is not built into the design specifications


b)The building design and energy efficiency is robust


c)Optimise the most cost-effective design solution


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