Kitchener Barracks

The conversion of existing military accommodation into a luxury high-end housing development in Chatham.  The project consists of 3 blocks of four stories each with 7 units on each story giving a total of 84 units which will be built ’off site’ as well as the remodelling of a four-story building into a 64 unit residential block.

Our Role

To undertake the Mechanical and Electrical Services design and a.ssociated consultancy services relating to the proposed new residential development

The Team
  • Client
  • Architect
    Bond Bryan Architects
  • Main Contractor
  • Services Contractor
    Greenside Integrated Services
Systems Included
  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  • Heating System, including Generation and Distribution
  • Domestic Hot and Cold-Water Services
  • Lighting
  • Small Power
  • Fire Detection and Alarm
  • Security System
  • Above Ground (Foul) Drainage
  • Building Services Controls Systems
  • Sprinkler System
  • Incoming Services, including Water, IT, and Electrical Supplies