The government brought in new legislation with regard to the washing and sterilising of surgical instruments in the light of the CJD discovery. Nuffield Hospital could not comply with the new regulations within their current facilities.The Sterile Services Decontamination Project involved creating 6 strategically situated Decontamination Centre's each servicing the operating theatre instrument sterilisation requirements for a cluster of up to 9 hospitals. Each unit was created in an existing 1100 m2 industrial unit which was designed and "fitted-out" to healthcare and clinical laboratory standards to conform with the Department of Health’s new guidelines for Decontamination Centres (HBN 13).

Our Role

EDP Environmental was chosen by Nuffield Health to Project Manage this complex transition. EDP managed a team including Healthcare Planners, Architects, Logistics Consultants, Specialist Equipment Manufacturers and their Construction Partners.

Two of our team were part authors of Health Building Note 13 (HBN 13).

The Team
  • Client
    Nuffield Health
  • Architect
    Architect Design Group
  • Main Contractor
    CFES Limited
  • Services Contractor
    CFES Limited
  • Project Value
    £ 45M
Systems Included
  • Logistics – Sensitivity Potential Testing Sites
  • Site Acquisition - Identifying and Securing 6 Suitable Sites Operation & Staffing for New Operating Model
  • Construction – Designing, Building, Commissioning
  • Testing, Equipment – Sourcing of all Washer & Sterilisers